Petrie Building, Guelph, ON [2014 List] —LOOKING POSITIVE
Former Grand Trunk Railways Locomotive Repair Shops, Stratford, ON [2014 List] —STILL AT RISK 
Nor'Wester Mountain Range and Loch Lomond Watershed Reserve, Neebing, ON [2014 List] —STILL AT RISK
24 and 28 King St East, Gore Park, Hamilton, ON [2013 List] —STILL AT RISK 
Amherst Island, ON [2013 List] —STILL AT RISK
Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute (KCVI), Kingston, ON [2013 List] —STILL AT RISK
POW Camp 30, Clarington, ON [2013 List] —STILL AT RISK
Hamilton Education Centre, Hamilton, ON [2012 List]—DEMOLISHED 
Ontario Place, Toronto, Ontario [2012 List] —STILL AT RISK 
Bala Falls Cultural Landscape, Township of Muskoka Lakes, ON [2012 List] —STILL AT RISK
Brighton Public School, Brighton [2011 List]—DEMOLISHED
Cockshutt Office and Timekeeper's Building, Brantford [2011 List]—STILL AT RISK
Guild Inn, Scarborough [2011 List]—STILL AT RISK
Lansdowne Park, Ottawa [2010 List]—ENDANGERED
Porter/McKinley Block, 1 Main St West, Ridgetown, Chatham-Kent [2010 List]—SAVED, CONVERTED TO STUDENT RESIDENCES
Views of Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto [2010 List]—PROTECTED
Bellevue House, 525 Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg [2009 List]—STILL AT RISK
David Dunlap Observatory and Park 123 Hillsview Drive, Richmond Hill [2009 List]—SAVED
All Heritage Conservation Districts in Ontario [2009 List]—STILL AT RISK
Riverdale Hospital 14 St. Matthews Road, Toronto [2008 List]—DEMOLISHED IN 2013
The Old Grand Trunk Railway Station (later CNR Station) Montreal Street, Kingston [2008 List]—STILL AT RISK
48 Abell Street [2007 List]—DEMOLISHED
Bata Shoe Headquarters, Toronto [2006 List]—DEMOLISHED
Lister Block, Hamilton [2006 List]—SAVED 
Alma College, St. Thomas [2006 List] — DEMOLISHED
Église St. Joachim Town of Lakeshore [2005 List]—SAVED
Port Dalhousie Historic District, St. Catharines  [2005 List]—STILL AT RISK
Tivoli Theatre, Hamilton [2005 List]—POSITIVE OUTLOOK